What we do

What we do

Do you have a project for us? It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get the job done!  We have experience in the whole process of a CGI animation, either from directing, production or post-production stages. Please contact us for more information.


This is the moment our stories begin. Our team of award winning writers can bring life to the ideas you already have, or we can work together to find the one to fit your needs. Screenwriting is one of the most important stages in the development of any project, is when all ideas gain structure and a good story is created.

Our process starts with the approval of the story concept, the theme, and the storyline. Then, we can proceed for the treatment, and the development of the perfect script – now your story is ready to be told.


Do you want to be able to preview your movie even before the artwork is finished? The KeyFrame is an illustration, representing a specific moment described in a script to capture the mood of the scene, through the elements of composition, color, and light – to show the viewer exactly what an actual frame from a movie will look like.

Our artists will help you visualize your film and create the perfect pitching.


What do the colors represent? Blue makes you sad? Does red remind you of love? The colors can subconsciously make you experience different emotions. Through illustrations that focus on the representation of color and light as a tool to visualize the photograph, ColourScript is an essential tool when previewing an animation, as it shows the progression of light and color throughout the whole movie, making it easier to maintain consistency of light and mood.

Character Design

The characters are the ones to give life to the stories we create, so is very important that they are not only visually appealing but also emotionally relatable. Are they the good guys or the bad guys? Our character design will represent not only the physical characteristics but also the psychological aspects of the characters you imagine – adding, even more, meaning to your production.

Background Layout & Props

Did you know that props can help to tell a story? Every single one needs to perfectly reflect the production’s style, design and period of time. Our artist will work along with the Director and the Production Designer to create props and environments that make sense with the narrative, getting the viewer to have a more immersive experience in the world presented in the story.

3D Character Look Dev

Transposing the 2D concept to a 3D model means analyzing the rhythms of design and simplifying forms so that the model is more appealing. The goal is to create characters that can best fit the production process, this includes seeking differente techniques, in order to give power to the creative team.

Environment Look Dev

Props are an essential part of filmmaking. Modeling high poly and texturing assets, buildings, cities and more with high-quality. Our artists are responsible for defining the final look of CG assets, always keeping in mind that the environments also tell stories.


Time for action! The animation should reflect the character and the emotions of the character. Our principles are based on the classic animation principles, taking into account Acting and Body Mechanics techniques. Our goal is to achieve a unique animation and be able to administer it and to adapt it to fit the particularities of each project and storytelling decisions.

Lighting & Compositing

This is the moment where, literally, the magic happens. Dragons in the background, or the final touches in the images created. It is in Compositing that all the elements are put together. They are matched or mixed with one another, in order for the final product to come alive. Our artists will work to create the perfect look for any scene in your story.


With FX, we can create the most visually impactful scenes. Being explosions, liquids, smoke, fire, or other visual elements, this is the stage where we create the simulation effects, giving life to the scenes you imagine.

Research & Development

Miralumo Films create technology in order to give our artists solutions to produce incredible effects in our films, that’s the reason we are always innovating and looking for new solutions to increase the quality of computer graphics. The Technology team works in collaboration with our artists, solving problems as they arise, in this way, our art team is more prepared to take care of the creative elements and deal with the challenges during production.

Our technicians are enthusiastic, talented and willing to help to raise the level of production.