“Trained from childhood to defend their land, SHIMRA’s warriors have the voluntary sacrifice as maximum honor. It’s when their blood is given to the ALL and renews the people’s belief in the seven Forces: Idea, Luck, Loss, Illusion, Darkness, Magic and Color, that guarantee the balance between the districts. To receive this honor, Luck chooses seven female warriors in a special ceremony. Each warrior receives a small and colorful stone, the largest and rarest treasure of the Shimres. Within a world of violent and unwritten rules, what can happen when one of the warriors encounters a stone by chance?”

Main Credits / Team

Written by: Gabriela Antonia Rosa
Produced by: Thais Peixe
Executive Production: Thais Peixe
Graphic Design: Ana Paula Moraes
Illustrated by: Victor Harmatiuk, Henrique Linder, Victor Rossi

Technical Details

Graphic Novel
Year of Production: 2019
Product Dimensions: 21×29 cm
Paperback: 159 pages
Language: Portuguese
ISBN: 978-65-901544-0-8