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Topia art experience 2022



Topia is a four-day experience imagined for anyone who works with creativity! The event is a meeting point for creators from all areas of the digital entertainment industry: illustrators, game and VR developers, entrepreneurs, advertising and marketing professionals and, of course, artists of all worlds.

3D animation, 2022

Meet Tobias!


What to do when we can’t create? Working with art and creativity it is normal to have periods of creative block, insecurity and lack of motivation. The idea may be in our head, but how do we find the best way to express a feeling? For Topia Art Experience 2022, we created this film with Tobias, the event’s mascot, who rediscovers his love for art once he feels at home with other artists after three years of isolation ♥


Client: Topia Art Experience 4th Edition
Director: Gustavo Ribeiro
Producer: Thais Ribeiro
Concept Art: Rayner Alencar, Luan Francisco
CG Supervisor: Ivan Stephan, Gustavo Ribeiro
3D Modelling & LookDev: Luan Francisco, Leticia Gillet
Rigging: Felipe Gimenes
Animation: Allan Dantas, Paulo R. Silva
Lighting: Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior
Pipeline Td: Anna Fratus
Compositing and VFX: Marcela Silva
Soundtrack and Sound Design: Leonardo Lima