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  • 2023
  • Animation

Follow your stars

Vale Sul Shopping


follow your stars

A lonely little donkey finds companionship in a mysterious light, embarking on a journey full of challenges and enchanting landscapes. Following its inner light, the little creature discovers a dazzling Christmas tree.

Work for Vale Sul Mall

Miralumo Films is responsible for all stages of the creation of this animation (script, color key, concept art, 3D animation, etc.)


An indispensable instrument for crafting the visual aesthetics of a project, especially during its initial developmental phases. At its essence, a color script is skillfully utilized to intricately plan and delineate the utilization of color, lighting, and emotional tones across the entirety of the film. This strategic methodology empowers filmmakers to correlate distinct colors with specific characters and desired moods at various pivotal points in the storyline. Remarkably, colors possess the ability to evoke subconscious emotional responses from the audience, adding a nuanced layer to the cinematic experience.

During the creation process, many decisions are made starting from the script. However, some require experimentation and adjustments so that we can tell the story in the best possible way.



Client: Vale Sul Shopping
Production: Miralumo Films
Director: Gustavo Ribeiro, Rayner Alencar
Producer: Thais Peixe, Gustavo Ribeiro
Production Designer: Rayner Alencar
3D Modelling & LookDev: Luan Francisco, Gustavo Ribeiro, Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior
Rigging: Thiago Valentim
Grooming: Lucas Amaral
Assembly: Gustavo Ribeiro, Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior
Animation: Gustavo Figueiredo, Gustavo Leite, Lucas Barbosa, Marco Antonio, Felipe Iglesias
Lighting: Gustavo Ribeiro
CG Simulation: Ivan Stephan
Pipeline Td: Anna Fratus